Hwang Sanghoon (Performance Director) about Taem’s erotic side on 4Things (and Taem’s shy reaction)

Interview with our very own Lee Taemin. Stay tuned for next week.
you little shit~
you little shit~



Fuck you fucking freddy and your fucking pizzeria and your fucking teleporting fucking ass! It’s fucking 5am and you’re fucking staring straight to the fucking camera and fucking pirate cove is empty and I fucking close the fucking door and the fucking fox doesn’t get the fuck in and I fucking…


Shit that Taemin says

Someone help this man.


140823 Music Core

Taemin - Danger



Q:people are saying danger is a continuation of sherlock. is it true?
Taemin:yes, people are saying that. but it’s not that we planned it on purpose, it so happened as we were slowly preparing little by little, and danger (phantom thief) was created. what i spoke to my company about this album is that i wanted to show an image that shinee hasn’t done before, an image of mine that fans are familiar with, and an image that only the company knows. we gathered all these and danger was produced. actually there were a lot of impromptus this time. “because the MV set is like this, should we do this hairstyle? or wear these clothes?”. we kept on changing. until yesterday i was blond but now i suddenly coloured my hair again. the next day after we filmed the MV, we thought “should we colour it a little ligther?” and i coloured my hair again ((the silver hair))

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Hello lovelies! As you probably already know, our dear Taemin has begun his solo debut promotions.The amount of support he’s received from everyone so far is amazing and I’m so very proud of this fandom. Just being happy for him makes you an awesome fan, but if it’s not too much trouble, there are a couple of things you can do to physically show your support:

  • if you’d kindly vote for him for M!Countdown. He’s first right now, but just in case, we should vote to make sure he stays first. You have to make an account, but it doesn’t take long. You can sign up through your email address or you can connect it to your facebook or twitter (I connected it to twitter and it took literally 30 seconds). After signing up, just click on Taemin’s song (I believe it’s song #42 but this may change) and click “VOTING” at the bottom of the page. You can vote once a day during the voting period which is every week from Friday 11AM KST to Monday 9AM KST (so like, every weekend).
  • please watch his DANGER MV. Taemin needs 3.2 million views to get full points for Inkigayo. Also, when we get it to 4 million views, SMTOWN will post the dance performance version! You can loop the video in a playlist IF YOU WISH, but I think it would be more meaningful if you actually watched it. Sit down, enjoy his beauty, enjoy his dancing. Send it to your friends, have them sit down and enjoy his beauty and his dancing.

[NOTE: If you do decide to loop on a playlist make sure you log out of your account because I do believe google can see who is viewing your playlist and they are unlikely to count the views if they are all from you. I have very little faith in those looping bot websites as well, so I think it would be safer to just watch it on YouTube. Make sure that you’re also clearing your history and your tracking cookies once in a while.]

That’s all I suppose. If you do end up voting and watching, I thank you. If you don’t but simply support Taemin, I still thank you. All forms of support are welcomed and appreciated, so thank you for loving Taemin and thank you for being here for him!